Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of School

I can't wait to post the back to school pics! The kids slipped right back into the routine. They're all going back to the same schools as last year which start at the same time and it was all just...smooth! They were happy/nervous/excited but not high strung. Which is amazing considering that there is so much stress here I think my head might explode. The Princessa has been home for two weeks; the boys only five days. Not much time to readjust simply to being back home* much less to get ready for a new school year. And the trial - the custody trial - is this week. Thursday. Back in Tennessee. I found out three weeks ago the date had been set back in April but no one had remembered to tell me. I found out waaaay too late to protest that it was about the most disruptive week possible. I can't blog any more about that because I will spew and I won't stop for hours. Mr. Tapioca is ludicrous in a tragic, horrifying, stunningly stupid way.

I have just erased three paragraphs sketching out his most recent irrational behavior with a few of his unbelievable hypocrisies thrown in. I told you. Spew happens. Lucky for you, somewhere along the way God invented the delete key!

I've missed blogging here and maybe after Thursday I can be back. You know, on a more or less normal blogging schedule. I am hopeful (see me hoping, hoping, hoping!!!) it will be safe to write without being swamped by Tapioca nastiness every time I open my computer. Thursday. Please think of us and send good mojo out into the world for my sweet (and somewhat wacky) family to stay together. Until then I'll leave you with a classic overheard conversation (shouted back and forth from the kitchen and upstairs) between Chaos (now 16) and Mayhem (now 14):
C: Hey, is the oven on for a reason?
M: No!
M: I mean, yes! Yes it is!
C: (after a long pause in which Chaos waited for details which were not forthcoming, Chaos shouted back - somewhat frustrated) Who's cooking what? Why's it's on?
M: I don't know!
At that point, we (in the library) were laughing too hard to understand Chaos' muttered comments about Mayhem (which is probably a good thing.)

*After being gone for nine weeks, they weren't back home for a half an hour before I heard their cheerful voices arguing about exploding intestines and disintegrating spleens. Oh how I missed them!!!