Monday, January 30, 2012

Poke Poke

The Ninja Princessa is a vegetarian.  Steadfast and true.  (Though not preachy!  She had to agree not to try to convert anyone else as one of several conditions for letting her take complete charge of her nutrition at age 12.) But she is passionate.  Ethical and humane treatment of animals is one of many causes close to her heart.  So having four carnivorous brothers is somewhat of a trial.  Especially when one of them (Bug) works hard to live up to his moniker by coming home wearing this:  

Yep.  I'm thinking the boy has stepped out from under the umbrella of the No Preaching Zone.  I think I'm gonna let her have at him.  This should be fun. Peace.

***Edited to add:
More parental cackling:
Bug was all woeful in the kitchen talking about how OLD he was getting.  How TIRED he felt working 9 (whole) hours in one day - programming his little heart out after a late night spent drinking too much and sleeping too little. (<--I think that was the last part.  I wasn't able to hear it clearly over Linus' guffaw. Linus, mind you, had just flown to a trade show, worked two 18 hour days, and flown home just in time to jump on a two hour conference call.  While Bet and I haven't been *quite* as busy - we have both been working pretty non-stop and training and having our share of nights out to boot. That we all laughed instead of lecturing or taking offense was restraint I believe. Or maybe it was senility.  I don't remember.  I'm just sooo OLD.) 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Snacks

Alternative blog post title: Fun WITH Snacks
We often have a bowl of hard boiled eggs sitting in the fridge.  Good protein, not too expensive, easy to grab on the go, sturdy enough to get taken for lunch.  (We used to keep them in a separate and visibly labeled "HARD BOILED EGGS" styrofoam egg container but after one too many sleepy heads mixed them up - either trying to scramble the one or toss the other into a lunch sack - we switched to the bowl method.)  And that has worked for a long time.  Didn't think it could get much better in fact.  Until the other day when I looked in the fridge and saw this:
Ha ha ha!  TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP.  The one on the right has the caption "I'm an AIGGGG!!"

Clearly someone (whose name rhymes with Dinja Confessa) was having way too much fun with the snack food.  A theory confirmed yesterday when I reached into the fruit bowl:

Ah!  Doodle-meister has struck again. 

Hope everyone is having a good start to 2012.  Peace!

***Edited to add:

And another bowl of eggs this week (2 views): 

I love our household - wacky though it most certainly is!