Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Idea Bunnies

I have started about twenty entries this morning and haven't been able to settle into any one of them. I seem to be having the opposite of writer's block. Or maybe not exactly opposite. It feels a bit like chasing mental rabbits. I dash into a herd of them and they scatter. When I try to run one down, it manages to dart ahead and hop to the side. I chase and chase and no joy. I give up. I flop down (huffing and puffing) with no idea bunnies in sight. If I stay here quietly, I suspect they would slowly surround me again - but to be honest - I have WAAAY to much housework to do to sit here and wait for the mental rabbit herd to regather.

So I'll leave you with this - yesterday I was on the interstate behind a Batesville Casket Company semi and on the back it said, "Drive safely. Heaven can wait."
Isn't that great?

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