Monday, December 10, 2007

I Need Some Cute Waders

I wish they made these in my size, because then maybe I wouldn't mind wading through the tapioca muck as much. I found out from my ex (= Mr. Tapioca Head) that he will be changing jobs AGAIN in about a week. "He really hates to do this" to me, but that means the insurance will change too, come Jan 1. For those of you keeping score at home, that makes the third insurance plan SINCE JULY and either the 7th or 8th job change since the divorce 6 years ago. (Linus insists I've forgotten two jobs so that it's really the 9th or 10th change, but no matter how you look at it, that's not what I'd call a pattern of stability.) Mr. Tapioca head went on to name the company he'd be working for and said he was planning on being with this one for a long time. He told me that they have one of the lowest layoff rates in the country. I won't name the company, but you'd know it. And, like me, you would probably know their reputation of having a ridiculously high turnover due to burn out. Now, I've never worked for them. I hope what "everybody" says is totally wrong. I hope the rumors of the long hours, back biting, and political wrangling are all false. I am not going to waste my time ferreting out statistics to prove or disprove the word on the street. What I am going to do is wonder out loud (and to my attorney) how the hell this man thinks that taking a "high powered job" (<--his words to me as he was patting himself on the back for advancing from being a manager to being a manager of managers) is going to give him any time to be with his kids if he (God forbid!) should win custody. Bleck.

I'm not even going to tell you about the furious email he sent me because he heard that I'd said something about Mayhem being ADD. (I will however let you know that he said something bulled him over when I'm pretty sure he meant "bowled" him over. We were married almost twelve years and I had NO IDEA he was such a moron. Typos are one thing, but general dumb-assed-ness is another.)

He sent me an email this morning saying he was DONE with me. All communication (except about kid logistics) would be through our attorneys. Yay!!! I can stop dreading my email.

Then five minutes later he sent me an email which a) had nothing to do with the kids and b) included the sentiment that my email responses were "not welcomed" by him. Ahhh, I should have know. Business as usual then. I am so sick of him! Aren't you? My to do list for tomorrow says "Find something else to blog about!"



titan said...

sounds like all of his job changing is really stable for the chillin's. as is the long hours - they'll have plenty of time to meet the wrong crowd and cause trouble without parental supervision. what a jerk!

Jules said...

Hey if you find these boots in women's sizes I need a size 9. Go ahead and get them for me and then I will be happy to stomp the crap out of dumba@#$ - I'm sorry Mr. Tapioca Head - for being a sorry excuse for an adult and parent! Maybe at some point he will realize that consistency if HUGE with kids and put there needs first for a change.

Now on a positive note all these job changes can NOT be good for his "case" - hee hee! Kharma is a bitch ain't it!!!!

Jules said...

Their not there - sorry Mrs. Nelson!

Not Fainthearted said...

my hunch is that you better keep venting about this custody thing or you could explode. I know I would without an outlet.

Set up an email rule and put his emails in a folder to be dealt with only with a glass of merlot in one hand, maybe?

Jeff said...

I am with Jules. I will stomp the guy with or without the boots. But I would prefer with. Pink is one of my colors.

St. Ann said...

Personally, I like the swirly ones, but I'm sending the whole thing cuz you may prefer the tattoo ones. Handle boots? I have not seen such a beast for adults.

Happy shopping!

Richard said...


Lilymane said...

Oh, Mrs. Nelson - our sixth grade grammar teacher! - have not thought about her in YEARS, Jules! Love the swirly ones St. Ann. And Notfainthearted - Merlot, yes! Great idea!! Titan, Richard, Jeff - all y'all - you are the best (web)friends a gal could have. It might make you laugh to hear that I got another email from Mr. T, this one saying he had paid the last of the back child support - $18 - so there! He is FURIOUS with me about the money. He says on the one hand that it's never been about the money, but when he's caught being less than truthful about $, he gets nasty and says he is DONE co-parenting with me. Sigh - it sooo helps to vent. Thanks again best readers! Peace. -L