Monday, January 14, 2008

Silicone, It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Last week Bet got some of these. They are two shades of green (which becomes relevant in just a minute.) They're pretty cool. We've been making our own breakfast sandwiches at home with them. Mayhem asked what they were and how to clean them. I explained about poaching eggs and then he wanted to know what they were made of. I said, "Silicone." While I was telling him how to wash them out and where to put them away, he had his back to me. Then he spun around, holding the cups to his chest and said, "Is this what they make fake boobs out of? They're pretty weird." When I could stop laughing long enough, I said yes, silicone could be used to make breast implants but it wasn't quite the same as our egg poaching cups. "Good thing," he said. "Who would want to have green breasts?" The Princessa and Havoc were cracking up. The Princessa snorted and gave Mayhem a hard time about having a one track mind. (I think her having brothers is a pretty good inoculation against her wanting to date any time soon.) I had to reassure Havoc that women who got breast implants did NOT end up with green boobs. Ahhh, those teachable moments!
PS - You may have noticed that I've postponed all those things I said I'd write about yesterday. My camera is currently languishing from lack of double A's and I'm just not in the mood for "deth" tonight as I'm worn out from talking to my children. Maybe tomorrow we can do deth over lunch.

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