Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Someday I'll Blog Again

Someday when I can write past the grief, I will return to actual blogging. You know - blogging like I used to where I rambled on and on about what my wacky kids were doing, what antics the dogs have been up to, and what I think about the world, art, and random shit? But until then it looks like my filler mechanism is stuck on slapping up images that amuse me. And not so surprisingly the following pictures crack me the hell up.

1 comment:

titan said...

if you ever need an e-ear, i'm just an email away.

*hugs* sometimes i find a good run with driving music a wonderful release. and sometimes it's just the driving music and unbelievable decibels. :) re: above...email loudly! *laugh*

ps - my word verification is "ogreman" - this is a great made-up word. i can't wait to use it in life.