Saturday, February 18, 2006

Before and After

So here we are at long last. First is before any grooming for either one of us. Next is a picture of me and Wasabi about ten minutes ago while watching the Olympics. The studio pictures will be next, but right now Sweet Hubby and I are off to the airport to pick up Very Best Girlfriend who is coming to visit her God Dog for the weekend.

Bonus feature:

Wasabi with Furry Pantaloons & Icky Poodle Pom Pom (and yet more shredded TP!!)

And a better view of what a great job the NEW groomer did (i.e. lack of FP & IPPP)

1 comment:

Deb R said...

You both look wonderful! The look on Wasabi's face in the "after" pic cracks me up though. He looks like he's thinking "omigawd, what strange human thing is she up to now?"