Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou Studio?

Sorry to overload the system with three posts in one day - but I'm 'paying forward' as it were because tomorrow I will be journeying by planes, buses, and automobiles for 17 hours to get to the quaint arctic village in which my sister resides. In an effort to put off packing (and facing the fact that I have no clothing which is going to BEGIN to keep me warm in a place that is 5 degrees below zero at noon), I've been blogging my heart out and look what I found.
This post has been sitting in my drafts waiting to get posted in case I found the pictures I was sure were somewhere! But no. It's official. There are NO 'before' pics of my studio which is SUCH a shame. You'll just have to imagine for yourself the royal blue 'sky' with white clouds, the glossy green 'grass', and the sunshine yellow chair rail and trim. I guess it was cute as a kid's room at one point. It was too too much for me - even when this room was my kids' room! It's taken us six months of living in this new house to even decide where to start but I always knew painting this room was at the top of the list (even before I decided to snag it for my own space.) But here are the 'after' pictures. My space is still in process because I've decided I can't live with this huge desk (and not just because it doesn't go with my colors.) This corner (above) is going to be my sewing space. I want to put in a cutting table just like DebR's space which she shared on Valentine's Day. The table will go right in front of that floor vent and then to the right will be a sewing table and to the right of that will be white shelves up high and filing cabinets down low. I'm going to build a tiny little white melamine computer desk and put it right here (to the right of my closet) and right next to the HUGE window that looks out onto the courtyard - but which is difficult for me to take a photograph of given my limited mad photo skilz. I realized I didn't need such a big work surface for my desk - and that my sewing surface could be cleaned off and used if I did. But it doesn't work vice versa. The desk is a terrible sewing surface. And I don't want to have to put up a table and take it down all the time. What would be the point of having my own room if I still have to quilt the way I did when I quilted in the dining room? (Side notes: the white fan is now in although it wasn't in the photo above and the outlets are eventually going to be white too - not green.)
And the picture below shows you the bank of shelves along one wall and the light from the window which faces the front yard. Look - my shelves still have room for new books! I love that part.
I LOVE having a room of my own. I love that I picked out the paint and painted most of it all by myself. (Sweet Hubby is wicked fast at ceilings and he lovingly painted mine for me late, late, late one night while I snoozed on the bare carpet unhelpfully at his feet.) It's hard as a mom in a family this big to justify having a whole room when everyone else is doubling up (except our lone daughter.) I've carved out corners and called dibs on closets for years but suddenly that just wouldn't suit my need (my desperate need) for a Room of My Own one minute longer. Maybe it was a midlife crisis. I don't know. I feel connected to myself, my creativity, my center. Maybe I'm just now fully recovering myself - five years post divorce. Whatever the explanation, I feel more alive and present: able to give to my family and friends than I have felt in a great while.


Deb R said...

It's a beautiful room. I love the wall colors! One of my List of Things to Do when the weather improves is to put some other color on the walls in my studio/puter room. I don't know what color yet, but I'd take almost anything else at this point other than the deadly boring color that's here now.

St. Ann said...

Your mermaid proto-collection is showing. ;-) Love, love, love it. Hope you are surviving the Land of Frozen Cow Poo. Miss you!

Michele said...

I just claimed a room of my own as well. Mine was born when the oldest kid moved out, the remaining 3 played musical bedrooms and the smallest room in the house (which should have never properly been called a bedroom in the first place) was empty. Media room? Game room? Nah. MY craft room! All I could think as I painted (again and again) was if Haylie comes back home and takes this room away from me I shall KEEL her!