Friday, April 20, 2007

Never Wear Paisley To An Interview

I don't know why. Sweet Hubby said you just don't wear a paisley tie to an interview. Huh. Ok. (Pretty sure I never have.) Anyone know why this is so? Does it indicate that you are too carefree? Too 80's? What?

We are off to celebrate our anniversary weekend with job and house hunting! Yay! Nothing says I still love as much as I did all those years ago as a huge bouquet of STRESS! Only sort of kidding. I do like the dreaming that goes with house hunting (whose room would this be, oh - the Piranesi would look great over the mantlepiece, look at the light! etc) and I'll be home on Sunday before Sweet Hubby starts with the interviews on Monday morning. He's got two confirmed interviews and one other possible one. NOT BAD for a week's worth of job hunting, I think!

It is supposed to be gorgeous - sunny and in the 70's all weekend. How perfect is that? Can you tell I am very much trying to distract myself from the darkside of all this - like OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET MY HOUSE READY TO PUT ON THE MARKET!) Hope all you lovely internets have a lovely weekend too!

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