Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Toolbox O'Beauty

After spending HOURS on the phone last night with his new girlfriend Kelsey, Chaos asked me if she could come over today. I said yes, but...
-I expected him to introduce her to me and his sibs
-He had to clean his room and the family areas (living room and kitchen)
-She couldn't be in the house if I wasn't (I had one errand to run today)
-He couldn't be a butterhead to the rest of us to show out for his girl
-They couldn't be behind closed doors
-Her parents needed to know she was here

He agreed to all of this. He woke up earlier than usual. He cleaned with only minimal prodding. He took a shower and picked out his clothes. He came to my room dressed in his new *bright* green pants (with chains) and said, "Do you have any pliers?" I gave him directions to the toolbox before my brain caught up enough to remember to ask, "What do you need pliers for?" He pointed to the bridge of his nose and said, "I want to get rid of the uni-brow." "Tweezers, Chaos. You need tweezers, not pliers." He agreed to let me help him out with the tweezing.

He was ready by 11 and she wasn't supposed to come until around 2 or 3. I suspect that the day went faster for me than for Chaos - but eventually she did come over. She was at a friend's house down the street and they walked over. (Not so sure the part about her parents knowing she was here was followed to the letter!) The friend had a brand new puppy so they mostly stayed outside after Chaos brought her in for introductions. I liked her. She looked me in the eyes, wasn't giggly, and wasn't too shy to hug Chaos goodbye in front of everyone. I wasn't sure what I expected after yesterday's conversation with Chaos about her.
"Tell me about Kelsey."
"What do you want me to tell you?"
"I don't know. Anything. What's her last name, what kinds of things does she like, does she play sports, does she have siblings, is she from here or elsewhere, what interests do you have in common - tell me anything."
"Uh." (accompanied by a blank look)
"Do you know anything about her?!"
"Mumble, mumble, mumble."
"What did you say?"
Mayhem yells from the other room, "She likes Sponge Bob."
"I was talking to CHAOS!"
"Chaos, do you have any common interests? Do you know anything about her as a person?"
"I don't think so." He laughed sheepishly at my expression. "That's why I need to talk to her more - to find all that stuff out!"
"What have you BEEN talking about?!"
"I don't know."

Ah, young love. Where is my beauty wrench? I need to clonk a boy over the head with it.

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