Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chipmunk Snorting

My dog currently has his nose wedged into a small hole in the patio bricks where he once saw a chipmunk flee. He is huffing and puffing - his sides pumping in and out. He is a dog-shaped bellows. He picks his head up, turns to me (clearly gauging my patience level with his antics), and then quickly stuffs his fluffy, leaf-covered snout back in the hole. He wheezes a bit then turns that into a short series of fake sneezes. Then he goes back to huffing and puffing. He will continue this bizarre little ritual for as long as I will let him. WHY? What on earth is he doing? He cannot possibly think he's going to catch a chipmunk this way. Does he think he will learn more about them if he just keeps sniffing and sneezing between the bricks? Canine behavior is so perplexing to me.

Walking to school yesterday, we discovered the unmistakable sign of rabbits. Bet said, "Be careful not to let Wasabi near. He'll eat it." Rabbit poo?!! My dog eats rabbit poo? I am 100% positive that in the little guide book on Wheaten Terriers, where they give you a short quiz to determine if owning a Wheaten is for you, it does NOT ask if you can handle a dog who eats bunny pellets!

I'm beginning to wonder if all that Bounce** has gone to Wasabi's brain. Trying to inhale chipmunks and consume rabbit droppings does not seem normal to me. I know he's a dog, but there has to be a weirdness line somewhere, even for dogs. I'm pretty sure my poor, fluffy dog has crossed it! Anyone know a good therapist for dogs in the greater Raleigh area?

**I would link to one of the several posts about our dog snorting Bounce laundry sheets, but blogger is not being cooperative. Word to the wise - do not let your dog near the Bounce. Before you know it you will be fending off weird canine addictions right and left!

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