Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weird News Day

You know - there is just some weird shit in the news:
- I do not know (nor do I wish to know!!) how one goes about having sex with a car - or a helicopter for that matter. It also occurs to me to wonder how one would break up with a car. Walk away? Sell it to someone? (Eeeewwwww - can you imagine how gross it would be to realize you'd bought a car from that guy?!!!!!!!!!!)

- Not being a hockey fan, I had never heard of octopi tossing until last week. Although my good buddy Unky Dunky (who is a Predators fan and loathes Detroit) says that in Nashville, sometimes Preds fans respond by tossing catfish on the ice to counteract the Red Wing octopus mojo. Hel-lo! Throwing fishy creatures at each other is bizarre fan behavior. (And the guy in the article, trying to be delicate in talking about the goo on the ice? Cracks me up. 'Cause hockey fans are known for their tender sensibilities and can't handle a full on explanation of why exactly their cephalopod twirling must stop?)

Crazy crap aside - I keep reading the news because sometimes I come across stuff like this that makes my day:
Team Hoyt is incredible. Inclusion is almost as big a deal to me as peace. I should probably have saved this for Father's Day, but it's too wonderful not to pass on.


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