Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flu Shots

A couple of months ago, I took the kids out of school for an afternoon to get them flu shots and ice cream afterwards. Good family fun, no? I hate taking them out of school, but the shots are only available between 11 and 2 on weekdays, so what else can you do? I reasoned that one afternoon out for the shot was better than a week out with the flu. Good reasoning, no?
And am I glad I went through the hassle! Fighting with the schools to have that time officially excused so the kids could be allowed to make up their work/tests, fighting with the insurance company about flu shots not being "elective" and "voluntary" (i.e. not covered) but rather medically necessary (i.e. paid for by them!) for a family with three asthmatic kids, and putting up with sad, cranky kids (and ice cream spills in my car) - boy was that worth it - because we don't have the flu. No, what we have is a "flu-like virus". Yeah. Life is good here. You?

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