Friday, February 16, 2007

Report On The Week

The homemade chicken soup experiment - meh
Having to collect yet another sick child from school - arrgghh
A friend finding TWO OPENED jars of recalled PB - eeeeeek
Having made it to FRIDAY of my 1st week of triathlon training - YAY

HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE!!!!! This whole week I've been blithely making mediocre soup, nursing flu-like virus-ridden children and examining peanut butter jar lids when I should have been making evacuation plans in case the dam just upriver bursts?!! Maybe I should watch the LOCAL news once in a while, eh? I mean, holy batshit! I do NOT like words such as "catastrophic flooding" being applied to the area where my children are. And excuse me, but they're putting grout in to stop the leak? I sure hope the Army Corps of Engineer's grout works better than the grout that is currently hurling itself out from between my bathroom tiles. The solid concrete foundation isn't holding but hey, let's stick a billion dollars worth of grout in there. Yeah, yeah. That's the ticket! Um, pray for us?

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