Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mayhem In The Middle

Mayhem is 12 - and not only is he in the middle of the birth order of the five kids, but he's also almost always in the middle of everything. He's very social and it's hard to get a picture of him alone. I snapped this one this morning before he was too awake to do anything about it. His bookbag weighs more than he does.

By looking at him, you'd think we don't feed the boy, but I promise, he eats more than almost any two of the others put together. He loves being in the kitchen, chatting, sneaking bits of whatever I'm making for supper and hanging out. His favorite chore is doing the dishes.

These are his new glasses. Actually, they are his second pair of new glasses. The first ones he broke the second day he had them when he was showing off how flexible the frames were. I'm glad I have a picture of him in these because it's possible he's lost them. He *thinks* they might be at his dad's. Sigh.

Mayhem is a very good big brother. He and Havoc share a room and bicker a bit, but are close and generally kind to each other. Mayhem is a good people person. If there's a job out there that involves making friends and not keeping up with things then Mayhem will be at the top of the field. I guarantee it.

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