Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HP And Me

Harry Potter and I have the same birthday (=today). For years I've thought I was soooo much older than Harry - but I was wrong! I just finished the seventh book and it turns out that we are only a couple of years apart. Weird. I have no idea how he's planning to celebrate his day, but mine is jam packed with fun, adventure, and KIDS! St. Ann, John the Magnificent, and their five children are visiting. If you do the math, you will discover that we have TEN children and five adults in the house. Have you ever tried to coordinate activities for 15? St. Joseph's valium for children would come in handy, but sadly I think they stopped making that. Barring that, we've been using our entire bag of tricks to keep us all entertained. My godson (and one of the cutest babies on the planet, as I'm sure you'll agree) has been the one thing guaranteed to make everyone smile. (I can hear St. Ann pointing out mildly that Baby Z is not particularly smile inducing at 3 am.) Still! He's DARLING the rest of the time. So easy going. Cooing and drooling. Amused by makeshift toys like the top of the chips bag. Not even complaining when we turn his toy into a hat for his enormous head! How can you beat that for entertainment?

If you see Harry, let him know that we've started the party without him. Peace.

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Julia said...

I know I make pretty babies! But this little one has got to be the most adorable child that I never gave birth to!!!!!!!!