Monday, March 17, 2008

Breakfast Of Leprechauns

Weird green things - not just for supper anymore! For fun, this is what we started the kids' day off with. They were a little skeptical, but it was food! Food is good. Chaos wore his kilt to school today. Normally he wears it on Friday's but he made an exception for the holiday of his people. (Most people play up their links to the green isle today, but Chaos, with that ginger hair - gets away with it better than some.) It probably won't surprise you at all to learn that not only does Linus NOT wear green today, but he specifically wears orange. That boy? He likes to stir up conversation (i.e. trouble). Luck o' the Irish to you!


Sarah said...

Darn, forgot to remind Ray to wear his kilt today! Being Scots Presbyterian, my mother always wears orange on March 17, but she's so nice people must figure she doesn't know what she's doing because no one ever says a thing. (It's amazing what she gets away with sometimes!)

titan said...

erin go braugh!

i did plenty of pinching today.

ps - my dad is moving to north carolina...somewhere on a river delta near the ocean. don't you live in the south? perhaps if he is close enough i will come visit you when i come visit him...probably sometime in 2009.