Friday, March 14, 2008

New Pace

With almost three weeks of training logged now - I can feel the new pace settling in. I'm more present with the kids in the morning and a little more wiped out with them at the end of the day. After school is still prime. I love being here when they get home. Writing has suffered some and benefitted some. The quilting has pretty much just stopped. I'll have time for quilting next winter - after the race. I feel stronger in body and in spirit - even in the face of the court crapola. (And on an update in that direction - we have mediation scheduled but not the depositions - which is FINE with me but weird! He pushed and pushed and pushed to schedule the depos BEFORE mediation - grrr - but when my attorney sent back a whole list of dates that would work we've gotten no response. Zero. For weeks. I don't get it. And he's still pulling his passive-aggressive stunts like calling the kids every night at five of six when he knows we sit down to supper at six. I've just moved supper time around (again) and tried not to think about him. Training helps.)

The kids have been a bit sick - not flu - but sinusy and queasy - this week. I maybe should have had them tough it out but with all the reports of how horribly sick people have been, I decided I'd rather they get a little behind in school rather than run their immune systems down and open themselves up to the last rounds of flu.

All in all - whether it's due to the pace of training, the downslope of the school year, the change in the light or weather, the diminished stress that comes of dealing with Mr. Tapioca Head less often, or some combination of all of that - we've got an even-keel, sweet rhythm going on here in Lilyville. It's not very exciting to write about, but it's wonderful to sink into and be a part of.
Peace my friends.

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