Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Migraine Hangover

In the past seven years (since the divorce), I've gotten the migraines down to about two a year. Usually they're pretty explainable if I look at the contributing factors - storm fronts/barometric pressure, hormones, stress, caffeine or other food triggers, etc. Sometimes it takes only two of those factors to connect together just so and boom! January's migraine was pretty much a combination of every single identifiable factor - the perfect storm. Yesterday's migraine? Not one trigger that I know of! Weird, weird, and weird. Sunday night I had some of the symptoms - aura, heightened sense of smell, other vision issues - but no pain. No headache materialized. I'm ok with that! I had some breathing issues too and even some welts like hives. I thought I might be having an allergic reaction - but I hadn't eaten (or bathed with) anything new. Yesterday morning I was better but by last night I was down for the count. No fun! I don't know whether to be worried that my migraines are getting sneakier or relieved that I got this one out of the way BEFORE the proceedings with my ex next week. (<--We have mediation on Monday.) Maybe that's my two for the year? Anyway - sorry not to have more bloggy goodness this morning. Peace.


titan said...

i am soooo crashing at your house when i come to visit! i can't wait, it will be a lot of fun.

my email is agreer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sarah said...

Are you sure the migraine wasn't caused by the green bagels? ;-)

Lilymane said...

Ah Sarah - good thought - except I didn't eat any! I'm trying to cut out the breads and up the protein for training. Sadly - I think the migraine may have been from stress about upcoming tapioca and a sinus thing that has come out of nowhere. Still not happy with all of it, but the green bagels are safe. :D