Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I particularly loved (note the tense) my new, black, knee-high boots. Soft kid leather, long and zippery = sleek. I've worn them twice and felt fabulous both times! Tonight I go to put them on to go to a potentially fun (but very hard to dress for) dinner - and can you believe it?! They are tight on my calves! I have gained weight in my calves over Thanksgiving! I didn't know that was possible. I know I should be mad at the extra helping of Company Grits (my grandmother's recipe and which I only eat once a year darn it!). But I am mad at the boots. Mad at my pinchy, bunchy boots. Now what? I don't have any other shoes that are dressy while pretending to be casual. I don't have anything that remotely qualifies as chic enough for a wine tasting at a bistro with board members from New Zealand!! Oh Goddess of the Boots - please send me a miraculous stretching (of the boots not of the calves!) Please, please, please!

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