Monday, November 28, 2005

Thoughts on Being a New Puppy Mom (or 10 Things I LOVE about Wasabi the Wheaten Terrorist)

Thing 1) He's hypoallergenic. They make hypoallergenic dogs! Who knew? Not that anyone we love is allergic to dogs, but still, it's fun to have a dog that doesn't shed.

Thing 2) Another fun fur fact: Wasabi's fur is SOFT, like a cat (which we don't have because someone we love IS allergic to those.)

3) He scampers. Scrabble, scrabble, whoosh, whoosh, pant, pant. He goes flying, ricocheting off of walls and door frames, sliding between peoples' legs, soaring over beds, making crazy loop-d-loops all through the house.

4) After he scampers, he sleeps! And when he sleeps I can get maybe 15 minutes of writing in. Yay!

5) Wasabi lies like a rug - literally - with his back legs splayed out, his toepads turned up, and his fat, little, furry belly bulging out on both sides.

6) He does quintessential dog things - like burying bones! He runs to the courtyard, digs like a maniac, and then looks around to make sure no one is watching him(which of course we are because he's hilarious). So he slinks under the hanging ivy, digs like a maniac again and then drops his treasure in. After that he scoops dirt with his nose to cover it back up. I thought only cartoon dogs buried bones! (Can you tell this is my first dog???)

7) He doesn't lift his leg to pee. Wasabi trots to his "spot" and while looking to one side, streeeeeetches his legs. Then he non-chalantly wanders away from the little puddle he has created without acknowledging it. He is very suave about his peeing.

8) He gives sweet dog kisses. I always thought it was completely gross that dog people let their dogs lick their faces - eeeeew! I suppose it's just less disgusting when it's your own puppy because I think my dog's kisses are endearing (EXCEPT when he's been chewing on his bone from the butcher and then it is still totally revolting!)

9) Wasabi is freaking brilliant! Soft coated Wheaten terriers are known to be clever (although not necessarily obedient) but I tell you my pup is way smarter than the average bear. He's four months old (on Thursday) and we've only had him three weeks and already he knows how to sit, to stay, what "go outside, go potty" means (not that his understanding means there are no messes inside :-S), and he does this trick where he plays dead! Sweet Hubby (AKA Top Dog) holds Wasabi like a baby (which he loves) and Wasabi looks around and licks Top Dog's face and then Top Dog says, "Play dead!" and Wasabi flops back like he has no bones and lets his tongue loll out of his mouth. He's brilliant I say!

10) My dog is a Leo. Aside from the fact that my smart puppy had the good sense to be born the day after my birthday, I find it amusing that my dog's 'sign' is a big cat!!!

In the words of my soon-to-be-seven year old son "I love my new dog named wisoby!He is soft coted weatin teareor. He is so cute. You would love him. Do you have a dog?"

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