Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Somewhat Current Lilymane Look

Oh hey. This is a closer-up pic of me (just in case you don't have eyes that can zoom in 400%). I post it just in case my old buddy Steve stops by. More on the coincidence of running into him on the web later. If you're there, Steve - this is what I look like (hanging upside down off of a friend's couch.) Any resemblance to the girl you knew in '82?


Steve Huff said...

Aw, Man -- a mutual 'friend' called you "Button," if I remember right, and this photo just shows why -- 5 kids and you're still cute as a button! I've gone from looking like James Spader's stand-in to Dr. Evil, so I'm a little envious you still look great. The piercing is way cool, too.

Darren said...

I miss that couch

Anonymous said...

The mutual "friend" agrees. Button you are still absolutely beautiful! and I love reading your blog!