Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Cheer

This is what happens when you let us loose with Christmas decorations.
The cute, squishy little green dude in the above picture is Chaos' treasured Christmas Cthulu.

You can see our beautiful, little tree in the background. (The closer pictures of the tree didn't turn out. Sorry.) But candy canes! Homemade ornaments! Sweetness! And then? My poor little nesting Santas! There was great debate among the decorators as to whether or not the dragon had bling or a pine scented air freshener around his neck. (By the way, VBGF is the one who fed the caroler to the dragon.)

Santa - shaken, not stirred.
Peace on the Earth and Goodwill to All.


vbgf said...

It's totally BLING! It was designed that way (I put the bling on). Now, just because it's bling DOES NOT mean it can't have a dual purpose of freshening - because I would imagine that dragons need some freshening - I'm not sure though - I've never actually met a dragon!

St. Ann said...

Home today to decorate and meet with a contractor...not a planned day off just to decorate, mind you - a conference was cancelled at 3:30 yesterday and I figured the office doesn't expect to see me, so...

Man, I forgot how tough it is to decorate the first year in a new house. Add to that the merging of two collections of Christmas stuff, and I don't know where to put what!!!

I'll keep an eye out for creative places to put my most blingest pieces, tho. Martha Stewart would so not approve...