Thursday, December 07, 2006

Say What?

I am sitting here looking at a ridiculously cutesy little sheet from Havoc's teacher. "Reading Renaissance! Accelerated Reading!" Stars and smiley faces abound. Open books, puppies and kittens - all are dancing on the page celebrating the fact that-

Havoc has a goal of 10 points! (Smiley face)
As of 12-6-06, Havoc has 15 points!! (Star, Cartoon kids doing cartwheels)
Havoc has achieved 152% of his goal! (Smiley face)

Errr? How do you think he charmed them into giving him an extra two percent? Should I worry?


St. Ann said...

Could be worse - Professor Smiley Face could be teaching in the accelerated MATH program.

Lilymane said...

Sadly, she is in charge of both! Oh well - I figure VBGF can undo any math trauma he suffers as a result of second grade.