Monday, December 11, 2006

One Small Football Addendum

Football is great. Football in HD? Rocks the fucking house!!!!
I'm sorry to curse so early in the morning but how did I live without this before?
I don't know what happened to Indy in Jacksonville yesterday. Implosion? Absolute lack of a run defense? I'll have to catch some Sports Center and find out.
But what I did see was Reggie Bush and Sean Payton's Saints spank the Cowboys.
And? Vince Young! In Texas, in front of his home town crowd? Yay Vince!!

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vbgf said...

I think Indy is just toying with everybody or just getting the losses out of the way. They are guaranteed in the playoffs (aren't they) - why waste energy now?

But seriously, I think they've faced some pretty serious opponents that are finding footing at the end of the season. They are still a fantastic team - I still want them to go to the Super Bowl (and, umm, I want to go to the Super Bowl).