Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Blogging Fly By

I've been out of range for a week and then out of energy on the comeback. Last week VBGF's mother had her other breast removed and I went up to help VBGF take care of her dad and then to help her mother settle back in at home. I have a long list of posts I want to write but I'll have to start another day as I'm going back out of town tomorrow. Today I'll relay some recent conversations with the Ninja Princessa:

NP: Dad, I don't have any books to read. (Since we give the kids chores to fill their time if they ever say they're bored, this is as close to saying "I'm bored" as possible. Sometimes this gambit pays off in a trip to the bookstore and sometimes it just gets you pulled down the hall into our library but it almost never gets you in "trouble".)
Sweet Hubby:(starts pulling books off the library shelves and handing them to her) You'll LOVE this one.
NP: Is this a good book or is it one of yours?
I can only imagine the mock frowny face my husband pulled on her because then I heard: Ok, ok. I'll read it.
(If only my dad had handed me Marion Zimmer Bradley's Hawkmistress! I got handed Blake's Songs of Innocence and Milton's Paradise Lost. Bleck.)

The Princessa was on a roll because later I was sorting pictures and came across one from my junior year in high school. She grabbed it out of my hand and exclaimed, "Wow! You used to be pretty!" I think she heard herself because she started babbling things like, "I mean you're still sorta pretty," and "Gosh, that's not what I meant either. Forget it." I responded with "beep, beep, beep - CRASH!" but then I chuckled and gave her a hug. She had the grace to blush and hug me back. She's still a tween. I love her to pieces but I'm dreading 14 in a big way.

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