Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do You Know The Mutton Man?

Chaos has gorgeous hair and lots of it. It's fine and soft but very, very thick. Oh, and red - on the strawberry blond side of the red spectrum as opposed to either the carroty orange end or the chestnuty auburn end. When he grows his sideburns out, he looks way older than he should.

I think he looks like a red headed Wolverine from X-men.

Occasionally he shaves his sideburns off and looks more like the eighth grader he is.

We just registered him for high school this week. High school! His school does "block scheduling" which means that they have four classes a day - each for an hour and a half. They cover a whole year's worth of a subject in one semester. I can't imagine that it works well for everyone but I think that will be a good format for Chaos. He has four honors academic classes and four "electives" for next year. I hope that he'll have two of each per semester. It would really suck to have one semester be World Studies (which is Literature and History together in one class that meets three hours a day!), honors Science and Algebra in one semester and Keyboarding, Public Speaking, Computer Aided Drafting, and Wellness in the other!! We'll see. He is less impressed by the fact that his teachers recommended him for honors classes (after he's slacked somewhat this year) and more worried about what classes his friends are going to be in. (I remember those days, don't you?) Next year we'll have some in elementary, middle school, and high school. I can't help feeling like right here, right now, this is the calm before the storm. Brace yourself!

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St. Ann said...

I'm so glad that you are going through all this ahead of me, oh wise twin of mine.

Of course, at some point, we will have some in high school, middle school, elementary school Yikes.