Thursday, March 01, 2007

Weather Anyone?

The county schools were all released hours early today for "weather". It's a bit odd and I haven't been able to find anything other than the school closings on the news. (Mostly it's soap operas on the stations with scrolling lists of counties closing.) If the cub scout mom leading tonight's program hadn't called, I wouldn't have even known to go get my kids from school! The skies are blue and it's stopped raining completely. Mind you, the kids aren't complaining but they did want to know, "Why now? Why not this morning when it was pitch black and storming? Why did we have to race to the bus in pouring, sheeting rain with lightning flaring and thunder crashing all around us but we get out when it's sunny?" I don't have an answer for that. What I do have is popcorn and juice boxes and a fervent hope that this is more than a break between big fronts. Send us some good weather mojo?

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