Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Ninja Princessa Diaries

Guess who won the "Celebrate Literacy" award for the middle school?

This is the Princessa's workspace. Butterflies and Buddha, laptop and mini lava lamp.

Early morning Princessa. (My favorite time of the day with her.)

Who does the family turn to for hair straightening expertise? The Princessa, of course. (Chaos' cool points would probably go down the tube if his friends knew how much he primped for school - so shhhhhhhh!) And since we're on the subject of hair - arrrrrrgh - I HATE today's middle school hair fashions. See the Princessa's? She wears plenty of headbands and bandanas - but always with most of her hair pulled forward and in her face. And they straighten it stick straight and flat. The boys too! Apparently the more hair plastered to the front of your face the better. I am such a square. I want to see my children's eyes and sweet faces!

Changing of the guard: the Princessa announced she is no longer obsessed with Jeremy Sumpter. She still likes the Peter Pan story but gone are the days when she quizzes the family on Jeremy Sumpter facts. Even the birthday cards she made for Jeremy have been taken down from her door. She has settled on a new obsession. His name is Josh. She's pretty sweet in her dramatic enthusiasm for boys she doesn't know. I hope this stage lasts a while. Obsessing about safely unattainable celebrity boys is a whole different ball game from noticing the boys who sit next to her in social studies class. Though now that I think about it, she's probably safe for the rest of middle school if the current hair trends continue. They all resemble Cousin It. How can they start relationships? They can't even see each other through the many layers of interceding bangs.

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Carolie said...

She's really, truly lovely...what gorgeous blue eyes! And how nice to see a smiling teen!

I feel so OLD, because I simply do not get the hank of straight hair hanging down in the face. And yet, I remember fighting with my mother that I wanted BANGS that I could FEATHER, not a bob with a part on one side, barrette symmetrically on the other side Moooooooooooo-ooom! I have stick-straight hair, and I wanted it to feather...and then, as fashion changed, I wanted curls soooooo much!