Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Neuron Firings

You know you got up too early when your body says it's waaaay past lunch time and you look at the clock to discover it's 9:45 a.m..
Are you supposed to put two periods there? One for the abbreviation and one to end the sentence makes sense to me but it looks like a failed ellipsis. If I leave one off though, it looks like a naked sentence. Grammar quandary. I'd look it up in one of my 2,000 books - but did I mention I packed up all those fuckers??
Finally, I think it's weird when women have tanned armpits. I can think of no easy way to accomplish tan pits. Do they lay out in the sun with their arms over their heads specifically to make sure their pits get bronze? What happens if they fall asleep that way and get sunburned there?? Egad. That would be horrible! And? Not worth it. It looks odd to begin with.
Is it lunch time yet?

1 comment:

St. Ann said...

I avoid the whole failed ellipsis issue by eliminating the am/pm periods altogether. But thanks for triggering my OCD anyway.