Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I had all but stopped reading Joshilyn Jackson's blog but clicked on it for some reason today. Faster Than Kudzu often has 3 question interviews. Perhaps that's why I stopped reading? I had no interest in today's author or book. I'm crabby and was just looking for a bit of chat when my eye snagged on the word "redemption". I love that word. Even when I hate Christianity and the South and Bible thumpers and spittle flingers - I love redemption. Joni Rodgers says of her characters, "Each of the sisters dies and rises again in a different way, learning that redemption is tragedy cross-pollinated by grace." Redemption is tragedy cross-pollinated by grace. What a FABULOUS thing to say, to learn, to read. Redemption is tragedy cross-pollinated by grace. Redemption as some strange and wonderful spirit flower. Grace buzzing around. I so needed to have that in my head tonight. Not that there's tragedy here - just grumpy folks, stressed out with upheaval and change. Still, redemption! The ultimate pick-me-up.

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St. Ann said...

I love it! Tragedy cross-pollinated by grace.

Just started reading Anne Lamott's latest. Snack-sized liberal theology, perfect for reading while you sit and wait for kids.:-)