Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today Size Doesn't Matter

I have a defective mail gene. I am postally challenged. And yet today I managed to send a certified letter to my ex AND a package of these (how fun are they?!) to my sweet baby nephew, Thrasher. In addition to that, yesterday I went to the community center and threw the pigskin around with Havoc; took Mayhem to buy the perfect shoes (he's particular but also very appreciative); and found the exact right pumpkin for tonight's pumpkin soup. I graded four classes worth of worksheets in one day to help Bet AND I ate lunch at lunchtime (instead of at 3 pm when I'm so hungry I'd eat a wombat). I haven't had any soda or caffeine for a whole week. (Well - except for that one cup of hot chocolate that was mostly to warm my hands!) Still - no soda! I have to celebrate these things because I have worthiness issues. Some days I feel exhausted by the end of the day but don't feel like I've done anything important enough or productive enough to account for it. I do hundreds of small things. But so do other people. They do big things and then do small things to boot! I don't have any big things to point to as accomplishments (unless I can be allowed to point to my gargantuan babies who shave, ride bikes, do homework, and sometimes even do their own laundry). I'm not going to let that get me down though. Today I'm going to celebrate my accomplishments regardless of size and pronounce them good enough.

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Julia said...

A beautiful, loving and happy family is the most important and treasured (as well as biggest)accomplishment of all. You've done great Button!