Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am NOT a Beta kind of girl. (Sidenote to Blogger folks - I don't know a thing about the Blogger Beta. This is a general rant.) Sweet Hubby is running a Beta operating system and it's driving ME crazy. I don't know how he stands it. Do you know what Beta means? It means broken and buggy! Yet truly geeky folks salivate at the thought of getting to be the first ones to use broken and buggy software. The shit crashes! And eats your work. Or inverts it and puts spaces between every other word for some machine logic reason of it's own. But all is forgiven because it's Beta!

Hmmmm. Hang on. Geeks go into the Beta process accepting that there are going to be flaws. They are patient. They work around the broken bits without trying to fix them. There is no recrimination! It's Beta!! They explore all the nooks and crannies of the Beta software. Then they trade it in for the Beta version of something else. Damn! Things were looking good for a 'that's why geeks make great partners' analogy until that last bit.

Oh no! I just thought of something. What if I AM a Beta kind of girl??
Accepts my flaws as is - check.
Is patient with me and my broken bits - check.
Explores my nooks and crannies :D - (tmi but) check.
Trading me in for some other 'Beta' - no, no, and HELL no.

I hereby declare myself the production model! I pledge to work well with other 'software' but I'm the operating system, baby! Capiche?


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sh said...

love, you're the microkernel of my dreams. everything else is just interfaces. And you KNOW how i adore your interfaces. :)