Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I once heard a Bishop talk about BHAGs - Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. I didn't much like the Bishop and 'BeeHag' is not the most euphonious word out there but still? BHAG stuck in my brain and is now making itself manifest. Apparently this is BHAG week in Lilymania because not only have I signed up for NaNoWriMo (see the icon-->) but I have also signed up for the the half marathon. Yikes. It's been gray and rainy for five days, I've spent three in bed with a migraine and somehow this motivated me to sign up to write a 50,000 word novel and run 13.1 miles?? NaNo is free and I saved $10 by signing up for the half before the 22nd - but that's not much of an incentive, really. And NaNoWriMo? You don't even get a cool medal for that one! I'm scared about both of these BHAG's. They seem very B, and H, and quite A. But the process! VBGF is going to be here this weekend for our first official training run and I'm scheduled for the all day NaNo Write Out on the 1st. I'm excited sick in my stomach but hooked, completely hooked. Turns out my best friends are BHAG pushers! They are very best kind of friends to have.
Psssssssst - St. Ann, you wanna run a half marathon??


St. Ann said...

You mean the one in your town? The one in April? Yeah, I'll be running 13 miles six weeks after giving birth. Maybe next year.

You know, if you really wanted to go BHAG, you could have signed up for the Goofy Challenge with my mom and sister. 13.1 on Saturday followed by 26.2 on Sunday at Disney World. Oh wait...not so much for you...they kick it off with fireworks at the start.

(But congrats BTW!!!)

Lilymane said...

St. Ann, Would you believe I momentarily FORGOT you were pregnant?! Doh! Maybe the next year? :D

St. Ann said...

I'll send you some newer pictures...there's no doubt about it (or else I REALLY need ot get running again!). Oh wait...there are no newer pictures. I don't get to go to Africa with my mom in March, either. AND...I bought a mmm...mmm...minivan this week. My life is officially over (except that pink pinstripes mean that it's cool again...with everyone but my 7yo. He says he's riding a go0kart to school from now on).