Monday, October 16, 2006

Paltry Pickings

Not much to offer today in terms of cohesion - but hey, when has that stopped me?

I read a FASCINATING article about the deterioration of human-elephant relations, the disintegration (destruction) of healthy elephant society, and the parallels between human and elephant communities. It's worth going through the free sign up process just to read this one article.

I'm a total goob when it comes to drug culture - and had to look up adderall when I saw a reference to some stupid starlet taking it to lose weight. This article totally weirded me out. Who knew? If that was going on when I was in school then I totally missed it!! (Not that I'm sorry about that.)

Also - I'm glad the Saints beat the Eagles. I like the Eagles a lot (especially given that they're an NFC team up in the Northeast!) But the Saints? How could you not like what they're doing? They are playing with passion and purpose and they're bringing all the hope and pride to New Orleans that football can. They've been underdogs for a long time. It's so good to see them doing well.
**One more thing (tangentially) related to the Eagles: I have to say that there's a difference between not minding that the Eagles lost and not NOTICING. I must have gotten all the football genes in the family because not only was my Wonder Twin St. Ann not watching the Eagles game last week (which was IN Philly a couple of miles down the road from her) - but she and John the Magnificent actually called me to cackle with guilty glee about the fact that when they went out to eat they purposefully avoided places that had the game on! I'm not even sure they could tell you what T.O. stands for. It's hard to believe we're related sometimes.


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St. Ann said...

Terrell Owens. So there. And the Eagles won. And it took four dining establishments to finally find food sans football (ok, one was just miserably poor service and we walked out, No TV there).