Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun And Not So Fun

Fun: the Princessa (as Peter Pan), Havoc (as a Gladiator), and Wasabi wearing a glow necklace and bat wings
Not So Fun: cold rain on Halloween

Fun: the idea of NaNoWriMo (a novel - Yay!)
Not So Fun: 1667 words today - and every day this month (you mean it won't write itself?)

Fun: tomorrow afternoon, margarita, my house
Not So Fun: tomorrow morning, court hearing with my ex


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St. Ann said...

So, today in a staff meeting we were talking about a program last week for teens where a local author came in for a book talk about her recent novel. The author wrote an awful lot about football in this book, but admitted that she really knew very little about the sport. The ideas came to her in a dream and she just started writing, and researched as needed.

So we decided that that was the perfect way to go about writing a novel - just go ahve yourself a good nap and let it come to you!

(Good luck with that approach...)