Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election Blues

Goodbye Rumsfeld! About damn time! (I think Gates is a great replacement. I like his reputation for consensus building and reservist spook that I was lo' those many years ago, I'm totally comfortable with his CIA background. He worked his way up from total peon to director - he knows how to listen.)

And? We have the House and maybe (oh, don't jinx it Lilymane!) even the Senate.

I am sad the ban on gay marriage passed here. (What the HELL are people afraid of here - oh right! HELL! They're afraid of hell - because you know, people loving each other is what gets other people sent to hell. The right wingers are brain damaged. That's my only explanation.) I'm also sad that Harold Ford Jr lost. I'm a blue, blue girl in a red, red state. But I'm so glad to see the beginnings of change. Here's to a bluer future!

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Deb R said...

Amen, sister!
Another Blue girl in a Red state