Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Plague Report

Strep. Throat.
Tummy. Aches.
Head. Hurts.
Teeth. Extracted. (Guess that's not so much related to plague but since the only one who hasn't had the plague had to have THREE teeth pulled on a day when everyone else was sick in bed - she gets to be listed here too. So give it up for Princessa, the toothless wonder. Yaaaaaay!)
Oh! And Itchy. Skin. (Kibbles-only plan? Not working.)

We are the House of Fun. We'd invite you over, but we've run out of chicken soup. There are, however, plenty of potato-rabbit kibbles.

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St. Ann said...

Hey, we have strep in our house, too. 2 days home from work for me so far (Day three to come tomorrow, then he's back to school! Hooray for Amoxicillin!). Just 25% of the kids have it, but it was enough for my own Captain Tapioca to cancel dinner with his first set of children in an effort not to expose new baby to germs (you know, the ones my own sickie probably picked up from said day-care-attending 10-month-old to begin with!)

Peace from the Straits of Streptococcus!