Monday, November 06, 2006

That Novel You're Working On?

I don't actually know who these guys are but it made me laugh anyway. Why is the dog drinking a martini? Why does the baby have that accent? I have lots of questions about tv. So very, very much of it makes absolutely no sense to me.

VBGF called the other night because she was deeply disturbed by a reality show (in Australia??). The show has gay folks doing insane things like riding bicycles on the edge of skyscrapers or walking on ladders suspended between moving trucks in order to cure them of their homosexual tendencies. WTF?? We are both hoping (somehow, somewhere) there is a mix-up in what the show is about. If it is what it appears to be - it's crushing to think that someone WROTE something like that, pitched it to someone else who said, "Yep. That's the ticket, " and then convinced folks to fund it and worst of all, found folks to be in it.

On the bright side (if there can be said to be a bright side of something so asinine) if there is a market for that crap, then maybe (just maybe) my cheesy, sci-fi story with giant jellyfish and a short, red-headed saint could find an audience. (Of course that would require me being able to 1) finish it and 2) let anyone else read it - so we'll have to see!)


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