Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pretend This Is Monday's Post

I know I said I wouldn't post for a couple of days to make up for yesterday's insanely long post - but I'm wiley! I didn't say when the not posting for a couple of days would commence now, did I? And so now? I'm posting when what I should be doing is NaNo'ing. Yay procrastination! But I'm getting closer because today I'm posting about NaNo'ing. (Almost there, almost there...)

So Chaos came in to my studio this morning to ask me
a) Can I make pasta for breakfast? (Answer - Sure!) and
b) What are you writing about?

I told him about my NaNo story - with a poisoned woman waking up after a thousand years to find she's been sainted and somehow there are giant jelly-fish-like aliens that appear. (Maybe I should have warned you that my novel has a very, very high literary quotient?) Chaos says, "COOL!! Can I be in it? Please?! Please?! Can I be the Commander of the Jellyfish? I could be the most vicious, bloodthirsty Jellyfish Commander ever!" I explained to him that the Jellyfish are the good guys; all the bad guys turn out to be human. He looked at me for a second, hung his head, said, "Crap" and then shuffled back to the kitchen to make pasta.

There goes one potential audience member - disillusioned before the first page. Ahh. The writer's life. Peace.

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