Saturday, December 03, 2005

Articulizing and Verbalating (Not So) Early in the Morning

I called my VBGF (=Very Best Girlfriend) this morning at the crack of brunch to catch up with her in general and to ask specifically how her back is. She has had horrendous back pain all week. Yesterday she told me she was going to focus on some relaxation techniques.
So today I asked her how her breathe deeping was going. She paused for a second and we both laughed. Errr, what I meant to say .... It seems I'm having trouble verbalating this morning.
I know there is a specific word linguists use to describe that little switcheroo. I can't think of it right now. I'm not so sure the language center in my brain came on shift when the rest of us did this morning. Considering that I woke up a good five hours later than usual and was promptly served a lovely bowl of cheese grits for breakfast in bed, my brain has absolutely no excuse for beginning the day understaffed. Note to brain: rine and shise! We have work to do today.

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