Friday, December 02, 2005

Chaos, Ron and the Hair War

When I went to see Goblet of Fire, I knew I'd lost the Hair War. Not that my son, Chaos, wants to look like Ron Weasley or that he'll even admit that the rest of us are right when we say he does - but ...
Having fought my own skirmishes in the Hair War as a teen (with the teachers at my school, not with my parents who were surprisingly cool with the fact of my purple hair) I have to admit Chaos has a point. I don't buy into the "but everybody does it/has one" philosophy most of the time. But he's 13. He gets to have some say-so over his image and he is arguably correct that the image he is projecting to his peers is not that of the grungy thug that I think he looks like most of the time. The end of the battle went something like this.
Chaos: "Mom - you LIKE Ron. You think he's cute."
Me: "Yes, but he needs a hair cut too!"
Yeah, no chance at victory.
He has to keep it clean and out of his eyes though. Those are the terms of surrender.
I guess it could be worse. He could have gone for the Napoleon Dynamite look.

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