Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Reading Maniac's Paradise

See this lovely chair? Right here by the window where there's all kinds of lovely light? There is another one of these chairs (only slanted the other way) on the other side of the table.
See this comfy couch? It's big enough to lie down and stretch out on. Especially if you're 10 years old. And there's even a way cool light that you can bendy bend to just the right angle.

See this love seat? It's cozy. Plenty of room to curl up in. It's right across from the cool chairs and quite close to the long couch and all of the seating is conveniently located in the library, next to the books, with thick, lovely rugs cushioning the cold, hard wood floors. And there's great light everywhere. That is, everywhere except there where the Ninja Princessa chooses to read. See her?

Look more closely. Here, I'll give you a close up.

She is sitting wedged into the darkest corner (next to an unlit candle!) on the cold, hardwood floor. She is, however, as close to the books as it is possible to be without actually, physically crawling ONTO the bookshelf. She opens a book and the rest of the world matters not.

If I ever can't find her, this is where I'm looking next.


Deb R said...

Aaaarrggghh...Blogger is driving me nuts! I'm having another one of Those Days where I can't get the photos to load. And they sound so interesting too! Damn. I'll try again tomorrow. Time to go sleep now.

Deb R said...

Yay, the photos loaded this morning! And OMG, your bookshelves are making me drool. Is that gross? :-)