Thursday, May 18, 2006


Havoc was wound UP tonight. He has asthma and has to use an albuterol inhaler several times a day right now - which we know makes him edgy and makes his heart race. Even so, tonight was a bit odd. He launched into the middle of a long involved story with NO reference points. I tried to ask clarifying questions but that didn't help the situation at all. Part of the conversation went like this:

H: Because I like the dark, at recess today I would hit my stomach and yell, "Bruce!"
Me: Bruce?
H: (Ignoring the question.) And Timothy's team was called, guess what, Mama?
Me: Bruce?
H: (Ignoring the question.) And I like apes too.
Me: That's the name of his team?
H: (Answering the question?) No! But I like sharks the best.
Me: Which team were you on?
H: (Ignoring the question.) And it would get light again and I'd get sad but a cloud would pass over and I hit my stomach again and yelled, "Bruce!"
Me: WHO is Bruce?!
H: (Ignoring the question!) And then we played dodgeball with a tennis ball because it's going to rain tomorrow.

Aaahhhh yes - this incoherent ramble was JUST what I needed to solidify my feelings on the whole 'gifted' label. Gack! What was my child talking about?? I began to get worried he was speaking in tongues (which, don't laugh, happens to other people's kids around here at vacation bible school in the summer - scary!) Is it possible for asthma medicine to 'go bad'? How should I word the note to warn his teacher, do you think? Or should I keep him out of school if he's still like this in the morning? How would I word THAT excuse note? "Please excuse Havoc for missing school on Friday May 19, 2006. He was speaking in tongues." You'd think that with Havoc being the youngest of five, he'd be hard pressed to lead me into some new parenting territory. Perhaps he saw that as a challenge?? Whatever the reason, this bizarre stream of consciousness story telling jag had just better be over by daylight. Also? I am sooo calling the school to make sure he wasn't sniffing magic markers or glue yesterday.

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