Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Career Day

Guess who was a guest speaker at the elementary school's Career Day today?
You got it! Me.
I spoke to four different third grade classes (for twenty minutes each - yikes!) about what it's like to open your own business and then the kids got to ask questions. They were great. You could tell the teachers had gone over some sample questions before hand and that they were limited to one question apiece. In the first class, I could see two boys debating their questions almost like they were fighting. Turns out they were daring each other to ask me about my lip ring but neither one wanted to waste their question or get in trouble. They were thrilled when I brought it up myself - but then argued about who won the dare.
Several of the girls drew pictures of hearts and butterflies and slipped them to me as they were filing out of the room. Turns out that I already knew several of the kids and have taught them how to knit - which made them minor celebrities in the class. It was all a lot of fun.

During one of the breaks, I noticed that there was a list where the kids had apparently had to write down what they wanted to be/do when they grew up. There were many, many vets on that list, several nurses, soliders, mechanics, and of course performers (country music star, rock star, movie star). Not one person had written down "Knit Shop Owner" but several kids said as they were leaving that they wanted to be just like me. I'd like to think that means I've inspired a couple of them to open their own businesses when they grow up. However, it's possible that they meant when they grow up they want to wear lip rings and flip flops and get chocolate bars as thank you presents from the teachers. I suppose we'll have to wait twenty years to find out!

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-SH said...

Maybe they want to grow up smart, funny, kind, lovely, sexy, and all around plain AMAZING like you; as well as having a lip ring and wearing flip-flops (which may be passe in 20 years, btw).