Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nature, Red Of Tooth And Claw

A friend sent me this story today. Only his version had pictures. Ewwwwww.
On an intellectual level though, I'm not sure that the link I gave you isn't worse! In the version I see when I follow that link, instead of pictures there is a big ad that says "San Diego Zoo's WILD Animal Park - Are you game?" I, for one, think it's a TERRIBLE slogan to link with a story in which one zoo inhabitant eats another zoo inhabitant unexpectedly and messily in front of visitors!!
I asked my friend why oh why he insisted on sending me scary bear stories (of which this is only one of several) and I told him I wasn't sure I could eat lunch now.
His reply?
Don't skip lunch, just don't order 'monkey kabobs'.
I might not forgive him for putting the phrase 'monkey kabobs' into my brain. I. can't. get. it. out. (Ear worms, they're not just for breakfast anymore.) Monkey kabobs may never officially make the Orgel list, but realistically? It is waaaay more memorable than the word 'dearth'. Maybe we could start a write-in campaign?

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