Monday, May 01, 2006

Race Pictures

Blogger relented. Here is a picture of Team Tutu in all of our pre-race glory.

Does this give you ANY idea of how crowded it was? You can barely even see the corral fence there but essentially the people in collared shirts on the left are in the process of getting infected with Half-marathonitis.

Here I am with VBGF in back and C is for Coffee front left. I think C is for Coffee is worried that I might bend over and heave into one of those strategically placed garbage cans, but I was fine.

This one is my favorite. VBGF ran with me for 11 miles but then I sent her on. I knew I'd finish then and she needed to push herself. She crossed way before me but she waited just on the other side of the finish line so she could be there with me at that moment. We don't even have our medals yet in this picture. It was an amazing experience. I'll do it again next year! Join me?


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