Sunday, May 14, 2006

Watching Paint Dry

It's been a sweet, quiet Mother's Day. I have my kids home - but they are content to putter and play. We are redoing the Princessa's room. It has gone surprisingly smoothly. Yesterday was all churn and moving furniture and garbage bags and wrenching decisions about what treasures to keep and which ones to let go to new homes. Today? Quiet. In fact, the loudest thing about today is the paint color she has chosen: Awakening Green. She said she wanted 'Lime Green' - and this is sort of limey. It's the kind of lime that probably grew near Chernobyl - manic and glowing - but she LOVES it. (And really? I can't say a word because I sent the Princessa to Lowe's with her color-blind father and her two best friends to pick out paint! I'm ever so glad we limited the paint to one color because the 'coordinating' color paint chips they brought home had names like "Cheery Aqua" and "Orange Delight". YIKES!!)
We're in between coats right now and we're fixing to rip up the carpet. We already ripped the carpet out of her closet and that was surprisingly easy. I hate to jinx a home-improvement project right in the middle of it - but I think it's going to be done on time! Her carpet will be installed tomorrow and the bed her grandmother is giving her is ready for pick up at our convenience. Her other grandmother and aunts are taking her shopping for bedding/curtains on Wednesday. I think all should be in place for her Friday night sleepover. Considering the months and months my studio took - this is feeling easy peasy to me. Maybe next time I do my studio I'll choose 'lime' green too.

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