Friday, February 15, 2008

Dude, Where's My Spleen?

As a treat for the older boys, Unky Dunky took them to the sneak preview of Romero's Diary of the Dead at the Carolina Theater last night. It was an anti-Valentine's Day Zombiefest. Perfect, eh? Those of us left at home (Havoc, The Ninja Princessa, Bet, and I) decided to have our own zombie fest by making cookies. Zombie cookies! Zombie-barnyard-animal-warrior cookies, even! (It was a sign from the universe when we found kits this week with cookie cutters in the shapes of cows, pigs and manatees!) The pictures should all be clickable for a closer up view: This is the Cow Army Headquarters. See the Zombie crawling through the minefield of cowpies? Havoc and Bet made the cut-in-half cow. Please note, Havoc also decorated the back fence with body parts.
The Manatees of Death were for Chaos - because only he could want to turn a gentle, sweet, lovable creature into a bombadier.
The pig cookies were pink! Pink dough. Ooey-gooey red/pink frosting guts. Pigs of doom! As much fun as the zombie farmyard army was, the coup de grace was the spleen cookie. Last night the guys went dressed in their best zombie attire (which if you didn't know - officially consists of zombie-themed shirts, boots, leather trench coats, and pants with clanking chains <- so we can hear them coming and outrun them?) Chaos has a shirt (that he loaned to Bug last night) that used to be a normal t-shirt: short sleeve, brown, nice heavy cotton. "Somehow" it got a horizontal rip in it and Chaos decided to add further Sharpie modification by writing the words "Give me back my spleen" above the rip. (I'm not sure from whence came the original spleen fascination, but spleen comments have been a running gag at our house for a while.) Bet (who was the only one patient enough in the first place roll and cut out batch after batch of deformed livestock cookies) finally said enough is enough - we're making one last, awful cookie. How about a spleen cookie? There was some debate about what a spleen actually looks like wherein the Princessa immediately suggested googling pictures of spleens and then almost as immediately turned green and said, "Wait! On second thought, don't!" You know it's probably the weirdest phone call our buddy Rob (the science teacher) has ever gotten, "Hey, what does a spleen look like?" After all of the suggestions were made, here is the final result: There was a brain cookie too - but everyone knows what brains look like and it got eaten before I got a good picture of it anyway. Hope your Valentine's Day was as filled with love and fun as ours. Peace.


linus said...

I love my family... why? because they have........BRAINS! bwahahahahaha!

titan said...

that sounds absolutely awesome! every time i read about your family i think if we lived even remotely close together we'd be friends in real life.


happy belated valentine's day!