Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Surprising (At All)

Currently my dog (Wasabi) is curled up on Bet's bed and Bet's dog (Tallulah) is curled up on my bed. We took Tallulah to the vet and asked about her habit of balancing on three legs to pee with the other leg raised up at a weird angle. "That," he said, "is a girl dog trying to pee like a boy dog." Which is strange because our boy dog pees like a girl dog. We bought them matching toys in different sizes - the small rope and squeaky snake for the puppy, the big rope and big squeaky snake for the big dog. It took them about two seconds to snatch the one meant for the other dog. Doggies, doggies, quite contrary - that's what we have.


St. Ann said...

Are you sure Tapioca won't try to use your dogs' confusion against you somehow? ;-)

titan said...

what a cutie! s/he looks so very soft, like velvet.

side note on the peeing: george often pees while he walks, leaving a drunken zigzag of pee. when its on the sidewalk its pretty amusing. perhaps i should take a photo.